Sunday, September 9, 2007

AI Convention

There was an Artificial Intelligence convention this weekend in San Francisco. I read about it in the paper, recalling my post here...

Kid pianist on PBS at Carnegie Hall.

When the machines learn and begin programing themselves...

Well, we do that...parents teach their children to play the piano and become pianists.

And if that can be encoded into the genetic code, and passed on, then that is in the works too...

What's happening is that machinery is married to people who passed the threshold of artificial intelligence a long time ago, that is if our intelligence is "artificial"!

Anyway, some very rich and educated people have taken this serious, notably the creator of Pay Pal...which I'm not sure was a display of intelligence!! I guess it works okay, the spam scared me off, along with the lack of response to queries regarding same.

If these web businesses can sign me up by email, they can just as well unsubscribe and answer questions by same!

By the way, when I sign something with DavidDavid, a painting, or a mountain top registry, I put one David below the other...then draw a line, so it looks like a reflection...

Tree in the Door
September 9, 2007

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