Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Harvest Moon

In this 72 dpi pic the stars are hard to see, and the lamp of the rock climbers by Lost Arrow too. I was so pleased to get a nighttime moonlight pic of the Falls, after failed attempt last night, and much study of other's taking pics and posting them to web.

I set the 12x, a Canon S3, to M, ISO to 400, shutter to 15 seconds, F stop to 3.5 and held down the MF button the whole while after setting it to of vertical bar...and THAT worked. The "Busy" shows up, and the screen was dark for the while it took. But the pic showed up. I have more than a few that just stayed dark! There are likely other settings to use to do this.

These digital cameras are a marvel, and marvelously frustrating at times. Last night I dragged everything out and ran into another photog taking pics of the moon and the Falls in the parking lot. His advice helped get moon shots...set camera to Av...I have exposure bracketing on...and it foucsed pic of three good...and that worked, though pic isn't as in focus as it should be...maybe holding down the MF focus button here will help too.

Apparently, the camera has a tiny gyroscope that steadies the focus....but it's own vibration in long exposure shots works against it...why stars are squiggly. I'm not sure of the accuracy of this, but that seems to be the case according to one account.

On Flickr there's a S3 group I found looking for bird pics taken by the S3, and it's just amazing how the web makes pic sites like this possible.

TV is on but I'm not watching...Myth Busters...and power speedboats....

MSN did a neat little bit on the Moon and it how it effects the Earth...the seasons and tides and such...not unlike my earlier post...lemessee if I can find that...

Well, I lost it...should have snagged the illustration the other day...but the search turned up the tale of Harvest Moons, which is what the Moon was tonight and last night. Full moon nearest the Equinox, and Harvest as it comes up just after sunset....adding extra light to the Harvest. Here the walls block out sunrise and sunset...though I have some spectacular ones of the sun setting behind clouds out beyond the Cathedrals.

Tree in the Door
September 26, 2007

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