Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Movie "Blade" was on before I went to work, and now repeated...and it's nuts...oh but Dirty Jobs was going nowhere...

I thought to look up Nathaniel Hawthorne and give that Haunted Mind piece another reading...brb

Oh, I quoted Hawthorne in the Dragon's Teeth post...he told the tale of Cadmus.

Well, I thought about dreams today...they defy those parameters for the scientific principle...they are not separate from the viewer, and two or more people can't view them, or see the same thing.

So how can they be reported? I dont know!

Now, last night, this morning actually, (Hawthorne does quite a job in describing sleep!), I had a dream which seemed connected to those Alaska scenes last night, and mixed in with the Creek....I have my tripod and camera, and climbing gravel slopes and come upon an open view of a river in a deep ravine...and it's a good photo I think, and start to set the camera up...and I hear, or see, machinery, a bulldozer?, working in the woods, and I think they wont be bothered by me, and I go back to the camera, but now I'm looking at the forested river open view..and I try to climb the gravel slopes to find it again, and climbing the slopes should make me tired, I think, but my strides are strong.

Did I remote view someplace? I dont know. It seems a mundane enough dream, but what interests me is the pervasive anxieties in my this one, will I bother the machinery operators?, will I tire climbing the gravel slopes? and the allusiveness of taking the view photograph.

The 19th century American poets and novelist seem to seek insights, and to pass them on...I suppose because of two things, it was still the age of exploration, and like the scientists they wanted to make discoveries.

Maybe tomorrow I'll find some examples of this...Winslow Homer comes to mind too, as his paintings are often meditations of one thing or another...

Well, I have to watch Blade...I think that's Jessica Biel... oh, there's a whole series of these...

Tree in the Door
September 15, 2007

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