Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Haunted Web

I'm still thinking about Hawthorne's "The Haunted Mind"...

And maybe I should call this post "Tomb Web"...

The web's a repository, and as a graveyard is a kinda storage place too...maybe it's like that...and haunted.

Certainly one ghost that is about is JFK, and the spirits of wild woolly conspiracies...

But speaking of repositories! Something got away from one, six nukes that accidentally got loaded on a plane and delivered to a base where they didn't know a thing. See "Bent Spear" story of today...

Made my heart race a bit with anxiety to read about it...letmegoget my jfk post on subject...


99 Decision Street
In trying to fill out General Norstad I find him a commonsensical levelheaded sort in a pretty un level circumstance!! Here he appears as Chief of NATO (at another time he was Tibbets' bomber unit commander)...
20 Mishaps That Might Have Started Accidental Nuclear War by Alan F. Philips, M.D. Ever since the two adversaries in the Cold War, the U.S.A. an the U.S.S.R., realized that their nuclear arsenals were sufficient to do disastrous damage to both countries at short notice, the leaders and the military commanders have thought about the possibility of a nuclear war starting without their intention or as a result of a false alarm. Increasingly elaborate accessories have been incorporated in nuclear weapons and their delivery systems to minimize the risk of unauthorized or accidental launch or detonation. A most innovative action was the establishment of the "hot line" between Washington and Moscow in 1963 to reduce the risk of misunderstanding between the supreme commanders.
10) October, 1962- Cuban Missile Crisis: NATO Readiness It is recorded on October 22, that British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and NATO Supreme Commander, General Lauris Norstad agreed not to put NATO on alert in order to avoid provocation of the U.S.S.R. When the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered DEFCON 3 Norstad was authorized to use his discretion in complying. Norstad did not order a NATO alert. However, several NATO subordinate commanders did order alerts to DEFCON 3 or equivalent levels of readiness at bases in West Germany, Italy, Turkey, and United Kingdom. This seems largely due to the action of General Truman Landon, CINC U.S. Air Forces Europe, who had already started alert procedures on October 17 in anticipation of a serious crisis over Cuba.
A curio is how many of these near mishaps involved radar. My favorite ...
6) October 25, 1962- Cuban Missile Crisis: Intruder in Duluth At around midnight on October 25, a guard at the Duluth Sector Direction Center saw a figure climbing the security fence. He shot at it, and activated the "sabotage alarm." This automatically set off sabotage alarms at all bases in the area. At Volk Field, Wisconsin, the alarm was wrongly wired, and the Klaxon sounded which ordered nuclear armed F-106A interceptors to take off. The pilots knew there would be no practice alert drills while DEFCON 3 was in force, and they believed World War III had started. Immediate communication with Duluth showed there was an error. By this time aircraft were starting down the runway. A car raced from command center and successfully signaled the aircraft to stop. The original intruder was a bear.
Sweet Jesu indeed...


Sigh, it's easy to be confused and lose things..witness my lost gear of today while chasing after a red tail hawk gliding from tree to tree. Didn't note it's missing till after work, and couldn't find it though I went back to look. Can only hope it will be returned.

People are People, we're human, and absolute perfection is not in our nature.

Tomorrow is the equinox I think.

Tree in the Door
September 22, 2007

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