Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, pleased with hawk pics, I went over to my friends to show them off, especially the big 16x20 print, and while the slide show played, I looked to their faces to see how they liked them, but Terminator 2 was on the TV above, and their eyes too! Oh, it was a bit too much like the blog!! I had to keep saying, look at the hawk!!
It is a more sophisticated film than most viewers are aware, including myself. But I do remember when the villain is driving the Liquid Nitrogen truck, and camera has a long pause on the writing on it's side, that I did think on first seeing the film, that, Oh, the liquid nitrogen is going to somehow freeze the liquid metal terminator. That's a presage. The sort of thing in detective stories, the author putting in hints of what's to come.
Hollywood film script writers are hardly known, not like novelists, and play writes. Part of the reason is that scripts are group efforts.
Now, thinking on this, I was watching ABC's bit on blogs, and one about a rock group that did a kinda test audience session before finalizing their new songs...
You could be getting text messages on what songs to play?
Yeah, like we could have a big screen behind us with texts on it, requesting songs...
I sometimes wonder if Shakespeare's plays were written by script writers like Hollywood films. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, but only after much input from the Founding Fathers.
Something like that going on, inputs coming in while writing, like this ekphrasis blog here, taking off on what the TV is doing while on...and other inputs..
They could have done a special on weblogs in 1986, network TV I mean...none of the big media caught on to the old text only newsgroups and such...
Now, lemegosee what the heck happened, if anything, on August 17, 1997, a date, if I remember it right, of significance in the Terminator Films...the singularity. brb
Actually, it's August 4, 1997, and sometimes a search is just...a search!!
When I was doing the Panay weblog, part of the study was of the bombing of Old Shanghai, this in August 1937 when the USS Augusta was in the harbor, and Chennault's pilots were trying to bomb the Idzumo..they missed, and hit a kindof early mall like building called The Great World.
At the time, it stuck in my head that The Great World was similar in name to The World Trade Center, which at the time was recovering from the first bombing.
I called the bombing of The Great World the "ground zero" of events in Old China, of The Panay Incident and Related Matters. The Panay is often called a prelude to Pearl Harbor. I was going back and forth in history from Dec. 12, 1937, trying to figure it, but on reading about The Great World thought that might be a better date, and event. What I was seeking was the presages of WW2.
This is likely difficult to follow. See the Panay Weblog...it's there...the concerns I had. Of two minds, I was thinking of WW2, and also what was being presaged by the first bombing of The World Trade Center, and later of the USS Cole.
It's intuitive thinking derived from following current events with a background of the past. At times it can look like magic, but it's just study and hard work!
Linda Hamilton has some remarkable scenes in the film...shaking the chain link fence, sitting on the desk smoking a cigarette, going on a rant about the MAD men (no, not those in the new show...who appear to be wearing heavy makeup!)...MAD as in the creators of Mutually Assured Destruction...
Her character's development also follows a well known psychological progression that creates radicals...actually that's a leap by me, as it's not well known to me..but I've seen it explained over in JFK.
I'll "tinker" with that tomorrow...
Tree in the Door
Sept. 11, 2007

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