Tuesday, December 11, 2007


There was news last night of the first ever video of a rare mouse, Jaroba?, which I'll have to re-find here in a minute...but I searched big eared mouse and found myself reading about the different Kangaroo Mice of Australia...many of which have gone extinct...

Troy was on, now Thunderdome...need to look up the Sword of Troy...as the diaspora of the Trojans is interesting!

The term "bioregions" is being used by the same bunch that used terms like "deep ecology"..and the whole "turtle island" business which I went into in another post...if a map of "bioregions" is being looked at it shows the areas where different species live...I'd been thinking of doing a comparison of mapNations...languageNations...and the... lets call'm songNations..the species of the Earth...where ever a species lives it is singing it's song...oh, that's too far out...but since I was a kid I've seen maps of the distribution of animals and plants...topo maps show swamps and such...but stumbling on "bioregions" I was startled to find it a political movement idea to limit human industry to bioregions...which, come to think of it, is already sorta happening in human evolution...many Asian people dont digest milk well when they become adults...while many northern European people do...which reflects different food diets over a long period of time...but the Bioregionalists want Turtle Island to have societies that limit themselves to the resources of their various regions...or something like that...well...let me just quote wikipedia's explanation!!


The bioregionalist perspective opposes a homogeneous economy and consumer culture because that culture ignores a dependency on the natural world.
Those taking a bioregionalist perspective seek to:
Ensure that the boundaries which demarcate political regions match those which demarcate ecological, or bio-regions.[3]
Become familiar with the unique ecology of the bioregion.
Eat local food where possible.
Use local materials where possible.
Cultivate native plants of the region.
Live sustainably in a way that is specifically tailored to the bioregion.


The milk example fits in that "eat local food" slot. If this notion were implemented I suppose people would actually adapt physically to their "bioregion"...though how they expect to manage and control such a "map" is hard to fathom!

These new eco groups have a way of coming up with jargons that obscure the simplest things.

The "homogeneous economies" are the giant Cities of the Earth...early on a stewardess friend told me of her travels...which I thought would be exotic, but no, "The cities are all alike."

And it isn't that they 'ignore' the Natural World...they just hardly know it's there in the day to day, and actually the Cities are a godsend...if everyone sprawled out with an acre and three bedroom house a piece...it would all be roads and homes!.. but an acre and three bedroom house with a two car garage any real estate agent will tell you is what everyone wants!... except guys...they just want a jumbo lcd TV and Cable....and that too is a godsend...having our fannies planted watching NASCAR racing, live or televised...is a an hour or two of fewer cars on the roads!!

Cities can meld with the Natural world, and do it very well...inventive technologies are needed to do it though.

I recall a Plains Indian descibing the life they led, following the Buffalo with their Ponies...and it sounded pretty good!...but it's gone...extinct.

lemegofind the mouse...oh, the blurb at the top of wiki now says "YOU can help wikipedia change the world!"...piffle...brb...wait...here I found the g'ment's depiction of the Sierra Nevada bioregion...there be ten in California!!...

more piffle...brb with the mouse...Jerboas!...the one yesterday was special because of the big ears...and the clip was charming...easy to find with jerboa search...pic is from wiki...always good for clips and pics!...and 'everyone wants to change the world'...actually the Tears for Fears lyric is a little different...and..this the first time I've read the whole thing...a bit complex!...but a neat refrain...I think a Beatle song has one like it...brb...
quote Tears for Fears
Turn your back on mother nature
Everybody wants to rule the world
snagged it!
“You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world."
It took happy cows to come up with "mao" and "anyhow"...
I was asked that today..."Are you all happy hereabouts?"...the Sierra Nevada bioregion!...and I said sure with a few qualifiers...gotta throw those in...but afterwards I thought...none of us are "happy"...there's a war going on after all.
They're on the railroad tracks screaming and hollering and the engines whining....iron wheels keep on turning....
"Oh, I think we're all dead meat!"...pith helmet kid hops off like a Jerboa!!
Tree in the Door

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