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Five Fold Bond

Well, I thought about the five fold bond...and am sorta stuck...

News on...then the end of Red a Xmas Choir...

The news had the story of the new energy bill before congress...or maybe they passed's going to shovel money to will grow corn and such that will be made into I was last night going on about the insecticides...and the taking from Nature of Open Range is in this...and the news mentioned something called the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico...I'll get to the five fold bond...brb...

well...fertilizers seem to be the culprit...the Black Sea recovered when the Soviet Union collapsed and the economy couldn't support the use of fertilizers...

That what it will probably take for the Natural World to recover...economic collapse!

I dont know...but Cousteau warned of the oceans going belly up...and the Mediterranean would be first...lemego look...


Jacques Cousteau said that the Mediterranean Sea, once teaming with fish, had turned into an oceanic desert devoid of life. He showed films he had taken in the 50's of an area near France with giant schools of fish. Films of the same area, thirty years later, were barren of life. This effect was more pronounced in the shores of the Mediterranean near highly industrialized France, but it was a pattern that he saw develop not only in the Mediterranean Sea, but everywhere.


That's an interesting site!!... It's been kinda accidental...or serendipitous...or something...that in the Tree in the Door blog I keep finding Bible things that go along with Nature things...and this site is up and running with environmental concern in a Christian spirit....Christians can get behind things...sometimes not so good things!!...but with the enviornement..well...Nature can use the support!

It's got a gloom and doom tag on this date's newsletter post...


God says in the Bible

Revelation 16:3

The second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became blood like that of a dead man; and every living thing in the sea died.

That day is rapidly approaching.


Heaven and Nature sing...they're singing.

That revelation quote is a very good description of a Red Tide...very pretty at night with green phosporescents...

But to the Five Fold Bond...

The Cross of the Crucification is both a literal thing...and a symbolic one...and the symbolic part has many interpretations...books and books.

But...chemically speaking it can represent a bond...that little site of bond shapes last night showed one with a cross shape...

And I've wondered if a lot of the old tales and myths have an underpinning of told in stories...and symbols...sorta the way the Chimera of the Mithras cult and the globe Hercules holds, represent the stars in some ways... Nearly everything the Egyptians painted on the walls had star lore associations...I haven't gone into them...but there is something of this in Islamic Art...and Old Celtic Designs...there's science in them...the ancients had ways to communicate science that we dont use anymore...or have forgotten..or dont understand.

And last night having brought up the five fold bond, I googled five fold bond, and found that in deed Chemists are tinkering with molecular five fold bonds!...but I found the five fold bond I was thinking was the way the ancients trussed up a prisoner...they tied together head, feet and hands...two feet, two hand, and one head...make five!...and it has a literal meaning...and many symbolic ones...much like the Cross...

Oh..and this has been a long route to get to this long quote I found...


"Once, monks, the devas & asuras were arrayed for battle. Then Vepacitti, the lord of the asuras, addressed the asuras: 'If, dear sirs, in the battle of the devas arrayed against the asuras, the asuras win and the devas are defeated, bind Sakka, the lord of the devas, neck, hand, & foot and bring him before me in the city of the asuras.'
"As for Sakka, lord of the devas, he addressed the devas of the Thirty-three: 'If dear sirs, in the battle of the devas arrayed against the asuras, the devas win and the asuras are defeated, bind Vepacitti, the lord of the asuras, neck, hand, & foot and bring him before me in the righteous assembly of the devas.'


This strange business is from Hindu or Buddhist lore...I've read through some of it...cant really understand any of it!!...but it has the look of something working on two a moralist religious level...and the other looks like something about bonding..and may be a molecular shape thing!...I dont know...but...and I'm not going to go find it...there is a post on the web that interprets the Egyption Book of the Dead...which isn't really it's name! a depiction of genetic science....oh..lemgo get the site!!...brb...

There's lots of them..but here's one...


A book was written about the Dogon Mystery: "The Science of the Dogon" which offers a case-by-case comparison of Dogon descriptions and drawings to corresponding scientific definitions and diagrams from authors like Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene, then extends this analysis to the counterparts of these symbols in both the ancient Egyptian and Hebrew religions. What is ultimately revealed is the scientific basis for the language of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, which was deliberately encoded to prevent the knowledge of these concepts from falling into the hands of all but the highest members of the Egyptian priesthood. The Science of the Dogon also offers compelling new interpretations for many of the most familiar Egyptian symbols, such as the pyramid and the scarab, and presents new explanations for the origins of religiously charged words such as Jehovah and Satan.


Oh...there is very pretty dancing on with piano...a little like Derivishes...

That sites interesting as it mentions the Dogon....Graves talks about them too...which made me notice...and Graves talks about the Five Fold Bond in the tales of Hercules...Hercules gets trussed up in such a manner!..which I puzzled over a long time ago!

So, what to be construed from all this...well..."there's more in heaven and earth" than my blogging can unravel!!

But there's unraveling to be done...


Brand says red tide is getting worse in Southwest Florida because industry and development are dumping nitrogen, the principal ingredient of fertilizer, onto the land and flushing it into Florida's rivers and streams, which eventually carry it out to the Gulf.

Red tide scientist's lonely stance is attracting some supporters


This Xmas show is on PBS and it's really good!

Oh, now two dancers from India?...for awhile connected with a rope/sash around both their waists...what a neat show!!


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