Thursday, December 6, 2007

Good Samiritans

Well, I'll try to explain LanguageNations...

Friends is on...watched earlier the Polar Bears and the Tundra Buggies...

A map of the world can show the Nations of the Earth...each has it's borders...but there are other Nations too...though the only one I can really think of is Israel of the was a Nation that wasn't on any map.

It's what I call a had a common language.

A language is all that is really needed to make a Nation, I'm thinking, and my thought has been that for a passport one would be identified as being a native speaker of a Language...English for example...if one learned other languages..those could be added...a kinda multi citizenship!

Of course to toss away mapNations isn't going to happen anytime soon...I kinda object to the notion my own self!!

But it's happening...there are a foreign languageNations now in America that show little inclination to change to the mapNation, America, they're my old haunts there are now blocks and blocks of store signs in Vietnamese and Spanish that I cant understand!...the Vietnamese are part of a diaspora...the Latin Americans an invasion!...immigration is a subject I dont want to get into!..but whats happening is that immigrants are keeping to their native language...the language they learned at birth.

A languageNation can be really small...just two people, if they have their own distinct language between them...can be a languageNation...with a population of two!

On Delos there is a synagogue, which I had known's in ruins of course...and old...around the time of Christ it was built...but when I read wikipedias take on it I found out it was a Samaritan synagogue...

Now, the Samaritans are interesting...they are a subset of the Jewish Faith and, they had their own temple on another mountain in Old Israel...and I've read the modern descendants wont marry outside their Faith and Nation...not even other they are preserving, both culturally, and biologically, their languageNation.

It's almost like...well it is in fact in the way I'm thinking here...they've moved into becoming a distinct species...what defines a species is that it's individuals can only mate within the species...of course the Samaritans are doing this through their religious code...but religious code resembles the genetic code.

This may seem very strange...but I think of each distinct species as a languageNation....more on this tomorrow!!

The modern Samaritans have, unfortunately, inbred to the point that now birth defects are showing up...and the birth rate has fallen...and yesterday with the Yangzte Turtles...I pondered if some day there might be just two Samaritans left!

The story of the good Samaritan Jesus tells is very it will be the good Samiritans of the world that will pause in the day to day to help the Natural World, oil spill covered birds for instance...and those who are doing this are developing a languageNation....
"Go and do likewise."


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