Friday, December 28, 2007

JFK Post

Well, it's sad news from Pakistan...and the similarities to JFK are striking...I had a look at the newsgroup...but just a tentative discussion is there...but I made a post...working with the foreign kids I hear about places like the Cayman Islands...and I shook my head a bit to clear the cobwebs...and realized a place with 500 Banks must have a history that reaches back to JFK...I found an old FRUS that layed out the plans for the Bay of Pigs invasions with a Cayman Islands FRUS 1963 search...just knowing how to put together a search line like that is a kinda signature of a jfk ct!...the invasion ships were going to rendezvous offshore of the islands...and I wonder how far off shore?...and I searched the newsgroup to...and found quite by accident... a piece put up the from CT Jim Marrs...Jim Marrs was quoted I mean...and that was just coincidental...but I mentioned before in a post here the career of Chuck Yeager when he was in Pakistan...and that Pakistan deserved some dwelling on!'s the post to jfk...which may or may not get past the moderators!...


Well. It seems the kinda day for a jfk post!…grasping at a straw here…and it’s a tough search…did the Bay of Pigs invasion ships rendezvous at this site (and I’m curious where it was exactly) off the Cayman Islands as suggested in the planning?


4. Sea Movement
a. The plan requires that shipping be loaded at New Orleans, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Vieques. Commencing at D-15, shipping will load supplies at New Orleans and proceed independently to ports in Guatemala and Nicaragua. At the same time, other ships of the invasion force will be loading personnel and equipment at Vieques. All shipping, upon completion of embarkation, will steam independently to a rendezvous area off the Cayman Islands to arrive on D-1. Each ship will travel on individual orders without knowledge of the orders of other ships in the force. The result will be dependent on the coordination and control exercised in the execution of a detailed, exacting plan. Once in the rendezvous area at the Cayman Islands, certain key personnel will conduct pre-D-Day transfer among shipping. The final movement into the objective area includes the rendezvous with the invasion fleet of one U.S. Navy LSD. Final juncture of shipping is effected at H-5 hours on D-Day off the invasion beaches.

Oh!…and here’s a little snag from searching Cayman Islands hereabouts!

Quote or quote of Jim Marrs on 911

Osama's older brother, Salem, was killed in the strange crash of an ultralight aircraft in 1988. The single-passenger craft suddenly and inexplicably veered into high-voltage electric power lines near San Antonio, Texas. The BCCI bank was closed by federal investigators in 1991 after suffering some $10 billion in losses. BCCI was a Pakistani-run institution with front companies in the Cayman Islands that used secret accounts for global money-laundering and was used by U. S. intelligence to funnel money to bin-Laden and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan fighting against the Soviet-backed government.

Un Quote

That's unedited...though my posts over there are notoriously grammar and spelling challenged!!

I haven't studied this in depth...which is to say what Jim Marrs writes is out ther...this is just one of those coincidental side by sides that are all the time showing the 'three shots'...three shots is one of the curios of the jfk lore.

Anderson is the new Rather...a side by side!!...cnn is just weird....flipped to movie with Antony Hopkins talking to his manniken puppet...which is really weird...Letterman has made a deal with the Ferguson will be back current soon hopefully!!...dont know if Letterman will ever be current again...I can say that...being of the age!


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