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Species LanguageNations

I'm likely to paint myself into a corner again with this post...

The Fog, a spooky movie is on...

Well, there's instinct and culture...many animals instinctively know how to get along in life, and have no learning to do...but some, like bear clubs...and fawns...hang around with their mom while they grow and learn how to get along in life. There's Bear Culture and Deer Culture and Wolf Culture and Tiger Culture...and if the babies of these species are raised in captivity, they have no idea how to get along in the Wild. They lost their culture. Pet dogs would have no chance in Coyote's world. They need to be taught.

So what does this all come to?? would seem their are two "codes" is the genetic code, which is passed on with mating...and the other is the lore of the species way of life...which is passed on from parents, or tribe (thinking of gorillas), to the young. Now, it seems certain the genetic code facilitates the species' learning of lore...children pick up language in a hurry and almost magically...but the lore has to be maintained by...the languageNation of the species. It's an "oral" tradition...and the genetic code is a "written down" tradition.

Each species is a languageNation...some if it is instinctual...the genetic code...and some of it is cultural...the lore passed on with teaching and learning.

This all has a kinda sense with mapNations and languageNations of people. There all kinds of records and documents about and for America...the Constitution being the most treasured "code"...but it is nothing without the lore that is taught along with it to children. It is all just like Nature and her species.

I'm trying to explain something here that's pretty much in plain sight!!

The fans of sports teams nowadays have taken to calling themselves "nation"...Oakland "Raider" Nation may have been the first (and darkly, some of this may have come from prison gangs referring to themselves as "nations") they are in a rudimentary...well, maybe not so rudimentary...way making themselves into "species"... languageNations. I dont know how far fandom will go with this Nation notion...the old Chariot Factions in Rome, Green and Reds, would go to war with one another. Fans can be pretty fanatical.

Becoming fanatical I suspect is facilitated by the genetic code...people take to things, adopt them, learn lore, dress up in their teams colors, all kinds of things, with gusto!.

This gets back to what I said about early societies dressing in distinct costumes...every Indian tribe in America had a distinct outfit..or at least skin painting or tattoos!

I think the genetic code pushes everything to have a culture, to become a languageNation.

I have no idea what is happening in this movie...but fog is spooky anytime anywhere...lemego get a Roman chariot pic...or something about the Reds and Greens....brb...

quote from wikipedia on Roman Chariot Racing...

Chariot racing in the Byzantine Empire also included the Roman racing clubs, but by this time only the Blues and Greens were important. One of the most famous charioteers, Porphyrius, was a member of both the Blues and the Greens at various times in 5th century. However, they were now more than simply sports teams. They gained influence in military, political, and theological matters, with, for example, the Greens tending towards Monophysitism and the Blues remaining Orthodox. They also developed in something like street gangs, responsible for robberies and murders. Although they had rioted as far back as the reign of Nero, the rioting throughout the 5th century and into the 6th century culminated in the Nika riots of 532 during the reign of Justinian, which began when some of their members were arrested for murder. Chariot racing seems to have declined after this incident, but it had in any case become much too expensive for the racing teams, or even the emperors, to pay for.
By the 9th century the Whites had merged with the Blues, and the Reds with the Greens, and the two merged groups were formed into municipal militias, and so incorporated into the enormous hierarchy of the Byzantine state.

end quote

Such can be the development of languageNations!!
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