Monday, December 3, 2007

Reading Public

Well, there's the reading public, and then there's the writing professionals...payed to write about subjects for the reading public, who pay for their reading materials!...and then there's the subjects written about.

("reading" can be viewing, as in TV, listening, as in music, and such...)

Why am I thinking about this??...I'm not sure!...anyway...

I'm having a tough time typing...seem to be hitting the wrong keys!!

"Closer" on back to back to back...

Oh, there's a new category...writing unprofessionals....bloggers...

And, while not being payed, bloggers are free to write on any subject...well...payed professionals can too...but most often they write about profitable subjects!!

So there's three categories...readers, writers, and subjects.

Sometimes writers become subjects...sorta like Dan Rather becoming news his own self when he broadcast a poorly researched campaign story.

But that's rare...for the most part readers and writers can sit anonymously in the dark beyond the's whose on stage that matters...the subjects.

Which all makes me wonder if there's a category: subject's subject. I mean, an actor on stage is "king" of the audience's attention...they are his subjects...and in turn the actor is the subject of the audiences attention...the audience is a "reading public"...and there too would be writers...a most important subject of the actors attention as they expect good reviews!!

And nowadays the audience is full of bloggers!!

On the Closer the Chief wants a gag order on a case..."No newspaper, no video, and no blogs!"

This ekphrasis blog...a blog taking cues from, and so about, the media...has made others presentations of subjects its subject!! Do I have that right?

And insomuch it has a minuscule itself isn't a subject...and hence free of, you know, of considering the audience out beyond the footlights.

General Stillwell kept a diary...and if I remember right, had no intention of it ever seeing the light of day. Lot of people do that...Emily Dickinson doesn't seem to have troubled much over publishing her poems...and even Shakespeare doesn't seem to have troubled much..which is the Sonnets go on about the immortality of the verses...maybe he just knew it would all make it down to today!

I try to visit the other blogs...some I bookmark that I's tough as some have pop ups and odd things that lock up the computer!!

This all to say I think that sometimes I think not to have my blogs, or make mine private, or just keep a journal off line all together...even one the old fashion way on real paper!!

It's a little scary sometimes...same with posting to the doesn't really want to become a subject of attention, if the attention is malicious.

With regard to many things and circumstances, most just want to go about things a part of the "reading public" and enjoy the 'view'.

And, I'm going to have to remind myself, having reduced to this...not to be malicious to my subjects!!

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