Thursday, December 13, 2007


NBA was on...Lakers over Spurs...

After getting wet cold feet chasing after pics of the Cooper's Hawk...I wondered if I would do that for Ravens...I mean...if Cooper's Hawks were as common as Ravens hereabouts...would I brave the cold water for them!!?

What is it about rare things!?...seems no sooner than an animal becomes rare than the Chinese want to pickle it and eat it, or someone just has to have it's fur for a coat.

Then there's things like Olympic records...each one a rarity striven for...and all the sports teams and their contests.

Agent Dogget lost his grip with a little help from the man upstairs...I dont know what's going's a later season X-file...Dogget is upbraiding the new girl...a die hard fan of Scully and Muldar...

Of course something hidden is even more magnetic than something's irresistible!!...the gem of every mystery story...and contest!
I take pics of the Ravens too...and they do a lot of different things... more so than the Hawks...but tomorrow I remember to wear my waterproof winter boots!!
Tree in the Door

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