Thursday, December 20, 2007


Forgot basketball was on!...watched Animal Planet...."bears going through garbage is not unexpected in Romanian cities"...this while they are tracking a collared female wolf who is foraging in the Town too!'s about wolves all over the world...I dont know why they have never been in the Sierra...I'll have to look...brb...gray wolves had a historic habitat in Northern California...and may come back from where they are now in Idaho and those states...but I dont think they ever went up in the Sierra... the Tiki Annex at work a theological discussion was under way about a passage in Ezekiel that describes a place like the Valley...I think I recall that...but lemego hears, finds, things where one finds them!...brb...'s a long book!...and a bit like the snow grabbing my feet...but this verse is so well written in its terseness...


3 Thus saith the Lord GOD: Woe unto the vile prophets, that follow their own spirit, and things which they have not seen!

4 O Israel, thy prophets have been like foxes in ruins.


I'll have to revisit to find the Vally's where I was reading..a site with the Hebrew and English side by more thing I'm going to fine here before I log off is when Ezekiel was written...

brb....500 BC or so...the Babylonian captivity..pic by Raphael
Arnie and the Polar Bears was on too earlier...a cub tries to adopt him...Wrangle Island.
A hundred or so wolves survive in Israel under protection.
Tree in the Door

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